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A High End Kitchen with a fixed budget

After a recent trip to the Home Depot and the disappointment I felt after seeing the prices and quality of their kitchen cabinets; I decided to look online. I came across various sites promoting kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, but then found an RTA kitchen cabinet site. As I read through the site, I realized that even though RTA stood for ready to assemble, it did not mean you needy to be super handy to put these cabinets together. Being a little bit knowledgeable of kitchen cabinets made me aware that there were pre assembled cabinets out there; what I did not realize is the savings and the ease of these RTA cabinets. First, the savings, because lets face it, if you can't put them together, you can always hire someone.

But we will get to that in a little bit. There are a wide range of sites promoting RTA kitchen cabinets and RTA bathroom vanities, but only a small few actually have good prices. I found the direct importers were offering the best savings and what a savings that was. After a price comparison with a local store, a mega store, and a retail online store, I concluded that I was going to save about $2100.00 on kitchen cabinets. Then it hit me, there had to be a catch? There was, it was the shipping.

It was going to cost me $285.00 to ship. But it's not really a bad catch when you are still saving almost two thousand dollars! I then re-visited the idea of assembling these cabinets. I found that the cabinets had only one page of directions and seemed easy to assemble. Also the tools required were a screwdriver and a drill.

You actually don't need a drill, but it made life easier. So I ended up putting all the cabinets together, no problems at all and I probably saved my self a few thousand dollars that would have went to a contractor. I can't admit to putting the cabinets on the wall or installing the base cabinets, but that part of the new kitchen did not cost too much.

I had all the assembled cabinet waiting and I had the old cabinets removed. By the way, sell your old cabinets on Craigslist, I did and got a good amount of money. So at this point I had invested in the cabinets and a small amount of money for the contractor. I was still under three thousand dollars.

Now I was ready for the end product. The kitchen looked fabulous. The cabinets are solid wood fronts and all of the cabinets are paneled wood sides. No particleboard or fake wood is used in the RTA kitchen cabinets. Because of this, you get a great looking kitchen.

My contractor was impressed with the RTA kitchen cabinets and so has everyone else that has walked through my kitchen. People always assume that I have spent eight to ten thousand on my kitchen. When I tell them the price, people do not believe it. Hence, my high end kitchen at a bargain price.

I found a way to save thousands on RTA cabinets . Find out my secret to discount kitchen cabinets by clicking on one of these links.

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