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Air Purifier for Asthma Patients

Since breathing comes naturally to us and we perform the function subconsciously, we hardly appreciate the need for it. However, those who are suffering form asthma, know the true value of breathing, as it is so much an effort for them. They, like us, cannot take breathing for granted. An asthma patient suffers severe respiration problems since the lung and air passageways of his are affected. Although we are yet to find a perfect cure for the condition, there are certain things we can practice which will help us to at least curb the symptoms of asthma.

To begin with, cleaner the air the patient breathes, more will he be avoiding asthmatic symptoms. And on this count, getting an air purifier at home helps. We should know that impurities in the air like dust, pet allergens, chemicals, pollen all play a significant role in increasing the symptoms of asthma in a patient. It should be noted however that dust and allergens are by themselves not the cause for asthma.

Their presence in the air the patient breathes can only make the problem more severe. Asthma is caused either by the constriction or inflammation of the air passages inside our breathing tract. While constricted, the airways become extremely narrow and the surrounding muscles seem to squeeze the airway further.

Again inflammation of the passage causes the airways to swell up. Such constriction or inflammation can happen anytime, anywhere. However, with an air purifier, such occurrences at home can be significantly reduced. As it filters out the allergens and dust particles it allows the asthma patient to breathe much more normally. With airborne substances absent, things are much more comfortable for the asthma patient. With proper air purifiers, there would be hardly any particles in the air inside the room.

There have been studies that show that with HEPA filters a purity of 99.7 percent can be achieved within the room. You might be contemplating buying an air purifier for your home. Before you do so, just take into account a few things. Of them, you need to know how big your rooms are, what kind of filters you are looking for, and what is the kind of capacity you will be happy with in your air purifier.

There are loads of models. So you will be spoilt for choice. Removing toxins from air is a great way to tackle asthma. And an air purifier does it best.

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