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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas and Popular Materials for Tile Designs for Bathroom

Bathroom tile design ideas and the tile material you select can have a dramatic impact on both the appearance and maintenance needed for your bathroom. If you are looking for bathroom tile design ideas for a new bathroom or plan to remodel an existing one, understand the characteristics of the various materials you can choose from. Good tile designs for bathroom materials should create a floor surface that looks good and is water and stain resistant plus safe to walk on. Here is an introduction to common floor tile material types with their basic characteristics: 1. Decorative - these tile types usually have either floral patterns or a geometric design.

They can be used to create a pattern within tiles that otherwise are the same color or size. Using decorative floor tile of a different color in your bathroom tile design can accent other colors that will be used in the fixtures, materials and furnishings. 2. Glazed Ceramic - these kinds of floor tile can be made to look like they were made of natural stone. The great thing about this type is that the material that is baked onto the surface provides a hard and durable floor that is easy to maintain.

These tiles can be found in a wide variety of colors to go with any decor style. For safety purposes, be sure the surface has a slip-resistant finish when using where the floor can be wet. 3. Mosaic - long ago, small mosaic tiles were carefully set by hand, creating beautiful patterns.

Today, the same visual effect can be had by using rectangular mosaic tile sheets with the small tiles held together with a mesh backing. Many different materials are used for this kind of bathroom tile design and because there will be many grout lines, the floor will be slip-resistant. 4. Natural Stone - can be manufactured from various natural materials such as granite, limestone, marble, travertine and slate. The beauty of these materials will be enjoyed by everyone.

However, stain absorption and cleaning difficulties create special challenges when using natural stone for your bathroom tile design. Limestone and slate are especially porous and sealing them after installation is necessary to avoid unwanted staining. 5. Porcelain - made from white clay and fired at high temperatures, this tile has a high degree of resistance to staining. Since a white clay base is used, a wide variety of colors can be added and different surface textures can be made to resemble other materials. 6.

Quarry - made from red clay, the color options will be more limited for quarry tile. The surface will be unglazed which means they will stain easily, so using a sealer is recommended. Because the surface is not glazed, they will provide a non-slip flooring surface even when sealed. 7. Terra Cotta - made from fired clay, these tiles are made in several countries such as Mexico, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. They can either be machine made or hand made and will be non-vitreous which means they will need to be sealed.

Terra cotta tile comes in various colors and geometric shapes which gives you many options for your bathroom tile design ideas. Besides the hard, durable floor materials described above, you can also find other more flexible materials to choose from. If your floor base is not as strong and will have some sag to it, using a flexible tile material will be necessary unless the floor is reinforced to provide a more rigid support for the floor. Check out the possibility of using resilient tiles, laminate or wood parquet tile in this case.

And be sure and speak with your supplier about the appropriate sealer to use for the material you are using. Enjoy the planning process and let your imagination go as you select the style, color, pattern and size for your bathroom tile design. Attractive and functional bathrooms add value to homes.

Even if you will not be selling your home anytime soon, having a bathroom tile design reflecting your personal style means you will have a special place to enjoy every day for many years to come. Copyright 2007 InfoSearch Publishing.

Read more about bathroom tile ideas and how to decorate rustic style bathrooms. David Lee Buster is VP of InfoSearch Publishing and webmaster of http://www.yourdreamloghome.com - visit the website and find a variety of articles on home improvement.

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