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Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

The benefits of using construction estimating software are many but there are six main categories to consider 1. Speed 2. Accuracy 3. Consistency 4.

Procurement 5. Project Management 6. Professionalism 1. Speed: The biggest benefit of using computerized estimating software is the speed.

There is no other software product that you will use in your business that will save you as much time and money as your estimating software. 2. Accuracy: In our ever changing economy it has never been more important for contractors to track actual labor costs, material costs, equipment costs, and subcontract expenses than it is today. You need to be able to keep track of back orders as well as installed and stored materials. This all starts with the estimate and the software will be used to determine the job's closest-to-true cost and then complete a selling price. A comment heard way too often is that I can beat any computerized estimating system doing it the old fashioned way.

I'm here to tell you no matter how much you think you can outperform a computer you can't! Sure you might be able to quickly crank out a number that will win the contract but then the management team will be scrambling trying to figure out how they are ever going to meet that estimate's quote. 3. Consistency: Using the construction estimating software allows you to prepare estimates that use the exact same procedures and costs each and every time. It also provides a basis for comparison of the estimate to the actual job cost and the ability to keep the history of job costs which gives the estimator tools to use in the future to adjust estimates and avoid costly overruns. 4. Procurement: The project manager will use the estimate to determine how much labor resource and equipment he must dedicate to the job.

It also is used to schedule any subcontractors that will be required and he will be able to track the progress of the job. 5. Project Management: The foreman will use the estimate to help oversee various installations as well as requisitioning stock. The accounting department will use the estimate to prepare the schedule of values and track job costs. And the computers will perform a variety of diverse tasks that will make estimating, correspondence, project management, and purchasing more efficient.

6. Professionalism: In addition to consistency, speed, precision, and accuracy, computerized estimating delivers a higher level of professionalism. Today's contractors use construction estimating programs to organize their business as well as optimize it. The estimate is used as a sales tool to document costs, and produce quotes leaving you the contractor in a very professional light with the potential customer.

Construction estimating software systems have become smarter and faster tools that help the estimator make intelligent decisions by automatically adjusting labor units and by calculating the installation difficulty factor for each item based on the task rather than using one factor straight across the board. Studies indicate that most construction contractors today are using software instead of doing everything by hand because they are recognizing the benefits of using construction estimating software for their business. You can't go wrong with a product that is quick, accurate, consistent, professional and easy to use.

Terry Fitzroy is a professional writer working with a Construction Estimating Company that sells the easiest to use Construction Estimating Software on the web. http://www.ClearEstimates.com

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