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Build Your Own House Quickly And Easily

So you have decided you need a new house. You have looked high and low for one that fits your wants, needs and budget. And while you have seen some very cute houses, you have yet to find one with the fabled `it` factor. You wonder if you ever will.

Then the idea comes like something out of the blue. Why not build a house? Following is a brief overview on how to do just that. Of course, this is a very brief overview. There is more to building a house than any one person can write. Now, let`s assume that you already have your land picked out, bought, cleared and you are ready to begin the actual planning of your dream house. First, take a blank sheet of paper on which you write the items that must absolutely be in the new house.

Then make a second list of the things you would like to have if the budget or other relevant considerations makes possible. When rooms are mentioned, write down the approximate size desired, either in square feet or give the desired dimensions in feet. These will be only approximate, as they must all eventually be fitted into the completed plan.

You might begin with something like this: Living Room 350 to 400 square feet fireplace large picture window space for grand piano wall space for furniture quiet corner for reading The second list of things that would be desirable should be consulted once in awhile to see if any of those items can somehow be included in the plan. Possibly, a few luxuries will not carry you too far beyond your budget. For example, the quiet corner for reading may be the bench under the large picture window. Every successful house plan is made to fit a specific lot. First consider the approach to the property.

How will the driveway and the car affect the arrangement? Think of the drainage, the utilities, the use of the land, the public lawn, the private outdoor living, the swimming pool and all the features desired in a modern, up to date establishment. Final planning is admittedly difficult. We have to begin to make choices, to make definite decisions. Do we want a separate dining room or is a breakfast nook adequate? What kind of roof will be used? What kind of exterior walls will we finally build? These questions and hundreds more will have to be given definite and specific answers before the plans can be completed. In order to draw the plans accurately and quickly, you will need a few pieces of equipment: A drawing board at least 18" x 24", preferably 24" x 30",T square and a 12" rule.

Drawing to scale is not difficult to understand. If 1/4" = 1` 0", take a rule and measure off one inch. This will represent four feet of house, ten inches will represent forty feet of house.

A little figuring will show that 1/16" on the drawing equals 3" of house. A wall is drawn 1/8" thick, to represent 6". As you refine your sketches, a pad of graph paper with lines 1/4" or 1/8" apart each way would be easy to work on as you can follow the lines on the graph paper and will not need any other equipment than a pencil to work to scale. As with anything else, if you are unsure as to what you are doing or have questions, consult a professional.

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