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Chainsaw Parts Know Their Role For Safetys Sake

Understanding your chainsaw is so important on two fronts; to get the best performance out of it and limit the chances of an accident occurring. Safety issues are important with any power tool but even more so with chainsaws which are regarded as the most dangerous power tool on the planet. Major brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Poulan and Echo have been producing some amazing machines in recent years and there seems no end to the advances in technology. Smaller chainsaws yet more powerful incorporating amazing lightweight design and features and it isn't hard to become complacent when handling these tools.

So do you understand your machine. Let's take a look at some chainsaw parts and their role. Chainsaw Parts In A Safety Role The anti-vibration system has become an important component of the chainsaw particularly in relation to safety.

Stress on an operators hands over a lengthy period of time from a machine's continuous shocks and vibration eventually leads to less sure handling of a machine. The anti-vibration system is a great ally to a user in this area. Over a decade ago, a vital addition to chainsaws to combat the incidence of kickback was introduced; namely the chain brake. This safety requirement was somewhat overdue and has been responsible for cutting back the number of incidents caused by kickback. Being hit by a rogue chain wouldn't be much fun I'm sure in fact, serious injury or death could be the result.

The chain catcher is one chainsaw part worth it's "weight in gold" on any machine. Constructed of either metal or plastic, it's safety role in preventing major damage to an operator by preventing wayward or broken chains from striking them cannot be underestimated. Did You Know? Kickback is responsible for between 10-20% of injury in chainsaw use. Kickback is described as a chainsaw thrusting back which usually means a loss of control by the woodcutter. You don't have to be Einstein to figure out what the consequences could be. Understanding chainsaw parts is almost required knowledge, not just for professional but amateur woodcutters as well.

Stihl and Husqvarna, as major manufacturers, have done an amazing job of producing safer machines into the 21st. century but the simple fact is chainsaws can't operate on their own. If you are a new user, make an effort to learn the role of each chainsaw part. The above-mentioned are vital safety components but you would do well to understand parts like the clutch, decompression valve, fly wheel, throttle, muffler and the list goes on.

Chainsaws have developed with technology, especially during the last two decades, but unless you play your part as an extension of the machine in understanding the individual function of chainsaw parts, then they can be lethal even in the most experienced hands.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Think safety first and know yourchainsaw parts.Read chainsaw news and reviews at:http://www.chainsawlife.com

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