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Deciding Between Antique Floor Lamp vs More Modern Ones

More often than not, an antique floor lamp would be regarded as a favorite conversation topic. With its history, intricate design and romantic elegance, it is easy to get involved in joyful conversations about it. That, plus its brass finish, stained-glass lampshade and elaborate patterns, no one could simply resist. One of the major challenges that lay ahead when buying a floor lamp is deciding what type of floor lamp is suited to your needs - whether to get one that is modern, or an antique floor lamp In comparing modern floor lamps to antique floor lamps, the antique floor lamp has its set of pros and cons. First of all, there is always a touch of class and elegance brought upon by an antique piece, in this case an antique floor lamp. Its mystery and unknown past is always very appealing, and could serve as an enchanting conversation topic when friends, family, and guests visit.

However, genuine antique floor lamps are very hard to find, and are therefore very costly. In fact, in some auctions, French antique lamps could sell for up to a thousand dollars and more. That is why today manufacturers seek to mimic the antique look by making use of gilded bases, ornate cloths, and stained-glass lampshades. The color or hue of finish is also imitated to reflect the antique look. In addition to this, an antique floor lamp is not suitable when you want to illuminate your room.

It mainly serves as a dcor and visual appeal rather than performance and function. However, there are ways to improve its functionality and safety. You can take it to an electrician to replace the electrical wirings with more modern parts. Or, you can convert it into halogen or compressed fluorescent floor lamp if you want to enjoy the classic beauty of an antique floor lamp and at the same time, the benefits of modern lighting. Aside from rewiring the old floor lamp, you should also make sure that the base is stable.

Nowadays, floor lamps have to meet UL standards, where the bases are heavier, so that it won't easily tip over. However, ages ago, antique floor lamps do not have a standardized base that can't easily be tipped over. Accidental tipping over of floor lamps can lead to unwanted fire accidents. That is why it is very important to check whether the antique floor lamp you plan to buy is safe in terms of its structure.

Generally, having an antique floor lamp has both its disadvantages and advantages. Yes, it does add a touch of class, elegance, and romance to any home. However, it is very costly, and not totally functional, as it does not provide adequate lighting or illumination.

So in deciding whether to go for an antique or modern floor lamp, ask yourself what you need it for. If you want one that is used solely for the purpose of ornament, then by all means, get an antique floor lamp. Just keep in mind that you have to apply the necessary improvements to its wirings and base for safety measures.

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