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Gardening in the life of Kids

It is saddening to see the nature being vandalised these days. People are no longer bothered about the environmental problems, and the disastrous effect it can have on our living conditions and even to the survival of human race on the earth. Childhood is the right time to inculcate the good habits of being friendly to the environment.

Gardening and Nature Walks can be a good activities to drive home the importance of environment in tender impressionable minds of young children. Below are a few benefits of gardening for the kids: 1. Science You can take up gardening as a hobby. Gardening can not only be beneficial to the children in many ways, but can also act as a safety valve to channelise their pent up energies in a constructive manner. Gardening can teach them the scientific wonders. It is fascinating for them to see the life germinating out of seemingly lifeless seed in the form of beautiful flowers, plants and the towering trees.

2. Life It could teach them the origin of life, right from concieving the child, his birth (the grand entry into this world), and his growing up to be a smart and intellegent adult. It could teach them to respect all forms of life. They can learn from gardening the value of natural resources and importance of preventing their wastage. This can be taught by drawing parallals between a Garden and the Human Life.

The weeds in the garden can be associated with the evils of society, and the need to weed them out for the ultimate betterment of mankind and the world on the whole. 3. Relax Gardening can be a great stress buster. When you are stressed out just take a walk in the garden, an breathe in a gush of fresh air, and see the soothing effect it will have on your nerves. It can have a therapeutical benefit in the children abused by the society and those from the broken homes.

It can help to regain their self-esteem. Many a mentally handicapped people have shown marked improvement using such nature therapy. 4.

Family In today's fast paced life, one can hardly find enough time to spend with ones family and loved ones. The garden can be an ideal place to spend some quality time with them. All your blues will vanish when you play and frolic with the children and the pets in your lovely garden surrounded by nothing but divine nature. Gardening can be a good vehicle to spread awareness amongst the children about the environmental requirements. It will have a double advantage of inculcating the respect for life in them as well as strengthening the family bonds.

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