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Growing The Delighful Flowering Crabapple Tree

Flowers are one of the most delightful creations that nature has to offer but not all flowers need to grow at ground level. In fact, the flowering crabapple tree offers a gorgeous cascade of flowers right at eye level. Crabapple trees are very popular for being able to provide aesthetics throughout the year.

They give delight in all four seasons. During springtime, the delicate colors of the buds and leaves of crabapple trees can be very pleasant. The buds can be of one color and the opened flowers can be of a different hue.

Come autumn, the fruits of the crabapple tree will surely match the life of the environment. The fall makes the colors of the fruit become even more vibrant while the snow during winter can provide the best accent to the landscape. Flowering crabapples are definitely the best pick for use in your own home, even in schools, parks and commercial areas. The flowers of crabapple tree are to be expected in full bloom during late April up to middle of May. There are classifications of the flowers of the crabapple tree. There is the single type with only five petals in it and the semi-double has six to ten petals.

The double type has more than ten petals. Double-flowered crabapple trees will be able to keep the flowers longer but the fruits are not abundant. The colors of the flowers can range from the almost pearly white, delicately fine pinks or even a deep red. Some can even grow crabapple trees with flowers having coral or salmon color.

Given all these wonderful things about a flowering crabapple tree, it is only expected that one will aim to have one in his or her own yard. Crabapple trees, like any other trees, have peculiar characteristics and needs that will require certain responsibilities from the owner. Here are some pointers to take note in growing your own flowering crabapple tree. 1. Size of the Flowering Tree Flowering crabapples can differ from one another in their sizes.

On the average, most crabapple grows at 15 to 20 feet height while some types average eight feet. There are certain cases when they reach up to 40 feet. Taking this consideration seriously will help you utilize well the space in your yard.

At the same time, it will ensure that your crabapple gets enough space to maximize its growth. 2. Shape of the Crabapple The crabapple tree can take on different tree shapes.

The crabapple can have a weeping, horizontal, columnar, rounded, pyramidal or vase-shaped structure. The kind will generally depend on the growth habit of the tree. 3. Type of Soil The growth of the flowering crabapples will depend largely too on how well the owner selected the site where it will be planted. It is best to check the nutrient and ph levels of the soil that will best suit the crabapple. Crabapples can best grow in rich loam.

A loam basically is a combination of sand, clay and salt. This flowering tree can also grow in other soil types. Just make sure that it gets a good drainage.

Maintain good moisture in the soil but avoid getting it excessively moisturized. Acidic soil best supports the crabapple like with a pH ranging from 5.0 to 6.5.

If needed, make the proper adjustments to make the environment favorable to the tree. 4. Exposure to Sunlight Flowering crabapples require direct exposure to sunlight throughout the day to ensure the development of the flowers, as well as the fruits.

This means the trees must be planted on locations where they can access the sun for at least eight hours every day. 5. Avoiding Plant Stress Crabapples are very sensitive to stress.

Unfavorable environmental factors can affect the development of these trees. The stress can result to a very unhealthy disposition of the plants like poor color of the leaf or scorches. Some of the factors that can stress the crabapple include insects or pests, lack or excess in water supply, insufficient sun exposure or even kids who may damage the tree. Conclusion Flowering crabapple trees are delightful addition to your garden. Make sure that you plant and tend it well to ensure the beauty of this creation in your landscape.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://floweringtrees.garden-g8way.com where you can learn more about flowering trees like the flowering crabapple tree.

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