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Has The Electric Dryer Come To The End Of Its Life

As Global Warming and Climate Change start to show us that they are indeed a real advent of our modern society, when do we get to a point and say, well some things just have to change! Our kids demand of us we leave this planet in the best shape we can if they say so or not, its our own moral duty that can actually save us money when we go about it. My key focus for this article today is the electric tumble dryer or electric clothes drying devices, as I feel these types of products can easily be replaced with modern day eco friendly products for the drying of laundry and washing. Carbon Dioxide pollutants can be slashed in your home when Eco friendly products are used instead of conventional dryers. One of the largest consumers of energy in the home is the electric or gas fired tumble dryer, and I often wonder how big a change could be made if everybody got behind the removal of these energy suckers from the planet. This also has a flow-on effect in the home as your electric and energy bills are reduced, your clothing smells better plus lasts longer, and you have more money in your back pocket to spend how you please, not just pour into ever increasing utility bills.

Throughout the world today there are a huge range of environmentally friendly products for drying washing and laundry available, which can either be purchased through your local hardware store, department store or over the internet. Products available today include ones such as ceiling mounted clothes airers that utilise the heat trapped in your home or your homes heating to dry washing. On sunny days outdoor washing lines like folding frame and wall mounted lines plus rotary lines are free to run and can dry clothes in a very short period of time, especially when you have a small breeze blowing. Washing lines, drying racks and airers provide many ways to dry clothes wether inside or out, and in all countries throughout the world. I believe that with all these environmentally friendly drying products available today, there will come a time when we see a large shift away from the electric tumble dryer and maybe even its ultimate demise, which I do not see as a bad thing at all!.

Eco Washing Lines and the newHandy Line washing line

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