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Intarsia Woodworking Is So Addicting And Intriguing

I have been creating Intarsia pieces for a number of years now. Free time has even been donated to teach this addicting woodcraft to others. Recently I wrote an article on Intarsia Woodworking as well and I am still drawn back to the scroll saw, with every spare minute, to work on other Intarsia pieces. This woodworking hobby is not something that has to be done and it certainly is not something just to put in time. It is a very rewarding hobby that can be done with a relatively small investment in dollars.

I would like to see as many people as possible consider Intarsia as a retirement hobby when making those necessary plans for the use of retirement free time. The question that needs to be answered is, why? Why is Intarsia woodworking so addicting and intriguing? A. Maybe its a love for the wood itself? -the smell of wood can be intoxicating when it is being cut or sanded. -the beauty of wood with its grain formation, the shapes and designs around a knot. -maybe it is the colors.

Different species have different color ranges. B. Could it be the challenges associated with each Intarsia Creation? -what will the next Intarsia piece be and how can it be made different, distinctive? -the accuracy of cutting that is the driving force, the pieces have to fit so precisely.

-is it the creativity that has to go into each piece, getting the color and grain just right? C. Is it the creativity that can be infused into each piece? -no 2 Intarsias will be the same, color and grain structure will be different. -is it the selection of the wood species for their grain and color? -there is almost no limit when we are sanding the 3-D shape of the intarsia piece. D.

Maybe it is the pride in seeing, handling and showing your new intarsia creation. -at the very least the new Intarsia will have subtle color and grain differences -maybe you have creatively changed the shape when you were sanding -receiving accolades from friends and family. Perhaps the question wasn't answered to your satisfaction, maybe it will never be answered until you experience your first Intarsia Creation.

That moment will be a thrilling experience for sure. Intarsia Creations are one-of-a-kind pieces and as such have a market potential. The possibility of marketing your Intarsias is very real.

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