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Kitchen Flooring Options

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is very important. While you want something that will go well with your kitchen cabinets and other decor, you also want something that can stand up to your lifestyle and the wear and tear associated with the activities of a kitchen. How much or how little you plan on using your kitchen will have an impact on your choice of flooring. The best example of this is wood flooring. Everyone likes the look of hardwood flooring, but in a kitchen, with the potential for a lot of moisture or spills, a laminated wood flooring may be more appropriate. The laminate floor won't be affected as easily by the moisture, like a solid wood floor might be.

Slate is another option for kitchen flooring, but may not be the best choice for a high traffic area because of the rough and uneven surfaces that can be commonly found in natural stone. A good option would be a ceramic tile that gives the look of slate without give the uneven surfaces. Tile is another common option for flooring, but it is important to think about the grout lines. With spills and stains being more common in the kitchen, leaving larger grout lines opens the opportunity for discoloring and even mold and mildew.

So if you decide to go with tile in the kitchen, it is important to use smaller grout lines and seal the grout lines to reduce the opportunity for discoloration and mold. So when you are getting ready to pick the flooring for your kitchen, it is important to think about more than how it coordinates with your kitchen cabinets and countertops. By thinking about how your kitchen will be used and choosing your materials based on that, you can ensure that your flooring will not only look beautiful, but also hold up to your busy lifestyle.

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