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Lighting Up Your World

It's pretty evident that lighting makes lots of difference when it comes to how you feel about a room. To really make the most of your decorating ideas, choose lighting and use light fixtures carefully. Take a look at a few of the options that can truly enhance your décor.

Track lights - Track lights became popular over the past few decades as a way to bring some particular object into focus. There are plenty of places where track lights can be beneficial. Use track lights to highlight a wall or shelf, bringing the attention immediately to that area. The items you're highlighting don't have to be high-dollar art. Use track lighting to accent a family portrait wall or your collection of antique tea pots. Recessed lights - Recessed lights are, by their very nature, softer than most lighting options.

Because the light actually originates above the line of the ceiling, the light will be greatly dispersed over the area. Recessed lights are less intense, so you may need several to provide adequate lighting, especially if you need light in the room. If this is to be a workroom or study area, recessed lights probably aren't the best option. Shelf lights - If there's a large bookshelf in your room, there's a good likelihood that the entire area is dim. Shelf lights mount on the bottom of a shelf, shining down onto the shelf below.

This brings attention to whatever is on that shelf. Shelf lights should only be used when there's something attractive to focus on - collections are ideal. Consider several shelf lights in a single bookcase to bring light to the entire wall.

Lamps - Never overlook the power of lamps when it comes to bringing life and light to a room. There are so many options to choose from that you're sure to find lamps suitable for every room in your house. There are some points to remember when you're shopping for lamps.

* Don't choose large lamps unless you're seeking to fill a space. * Color is also important. The lampshade will disperse the light and the color of the shade will be cast out into your room. * Lamps that point upward will light a large area with a softer light.

Overhead lights - Naturally, overhead lights are among the most important decisions when it comes to lighting a room. Lights on ceiling fans are a very popular option, but not the only choice by any means. From Tiffany style lights to chandeliers, designers and manufacturers have thought up thousands of different overhead lights. Remember that the room itself is also important in your quest for the perfect light. Darker colors tend to absorb light, so you need additional light fixtures and brighter lights. Bright colors make it easier to provide a light environment.

If you want to maximize light, use lots of glass and mirrors in the room as these tend to magnify the amount of light. If you're using an area for crafts, study or reading, ample light is a must. Regardless of the functional need for light, you can be sure that finding a light that also looks great is as close as your imagination.

For more information on lighting and lighting solutions for your home, visit The Lighting Cart

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