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Mothers Day and Fathers Day

Mothers Day which is today celebrated in almost every country on the earth, has rather sketchy origins. It started in Britain where it is celebrated three weeks before Easter, more as a tradition of allowing servants and workers to go home on the weekend so that they could visit their families. On this day mothers and children would be together. Interestingly, America borrowed the concept but tried adding a different twist to it-that was by trying to make it a day of peace and disarmament and also by celebrating it on the second Sunday of May.

Needless to say, an idea like that never really took off. Today, Mothers Day has a whole new meaning to it. It is looked upon as a day to remember your mother for all the things she has done for you, and to show your appreciation towards her by doing any little task such as cooking a meal, taking her out for a movie. In today's age, where children move out of their parental homes at a younger age, such a day actually helps them keep the bond with their mothers alive. People take the time to go shopping for their mothers, and to spend the day with them.

Today, one can fine a whole range of Mothers Day cards, presents and others gifting articles which can be given to your mother. Of course, this idea has also come under criticism, as people feel that it is not enough to remember your mother just one day of the year but all around. Love your mother always and express your feelings with Cute Quotes However, this day is still celebrated on different dates all over the world with much fanfare. It is still a good way of treating your mother , and gifting her a change from her normal routine of life. If Mothers day has been celebrated for so many years with much enthusiasm, it could have been guessed that very soon we would have a Fathers Day too.

And so we do. One again, this day is celebrated on different dates all across the world, and in different ways too. The first Fathers Day celebration was held on July 5, 1980, in West Virginia, USA. It was meant more as a tribute as a lot of men had died in a deadly mine explosion which had taken place in Monongah. The idea was to remember fathers for their sacrifice, untimely death and for the hardworking men that they were.

Slowly however, the tradition spread all across, but the occasion itself was celebrated on different days. Today, however, the driving theme behind such a day remains almost the same everywhere, Fathers are usually the main bread winners , working hard to support the rest of the family members. Sometimes, in the rush to attend all meetings and finish other office related work, they might miss out on spending time with their children. Such a day gives everybody the chance to have a fun day together.

Most families take this opportunity to travel from far and wide to be with their parents. It is not uncommon to find siblings coming together or planning something special for this occasion. Fathers are usually gifted sweaters, mugs, golf clubs and so on- any gift which can be used in day to day life. Needless to say, a lot of card companies cash in on this period to generate profits.

So if you haven't had time to make your father feel special, Fathers day is just around the corner. There can be no better way to let him know how much he means to you. You can always use good quotations and poems to express your feelings towards your father and making them feel top of the world. Check out Best Quotes Poems for father quotes and father's day poems.

Shweeta Bhandari has been one of the renowned writer in the field of poems, quotes, love, romance, friendship quotes, relationships, expressing of thoughts and ideas. She is a professional content writer working for Best Quotes Poems

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