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Need To Know Chair Lift Buying Tips

A stair lift is a chair specially designed to lift up a person with a handicap or disability. People who are having difficulty walking and climbing the stairs also use this stair lift. In addition, a stair lift can also be used to transport your groceries, luggage, or laundry up and down in your stairs.

A stair lift is sometimes known as stairway lift, handicapped stair lift, home stair lift, stairglide or stair chair. 1. Types Of Stair Lifts There are actually 2 types of stair lift, the first type is straight that is usually an off the shelf package and is primarily designed to match most typical straight staircases. The second type stair lift is a curved lift that is very much suitable to staircases that go around the corner.

2. Features - Swivel seat - Remote control - Track - Hinge rails 3. Buying Tips If you plan to purchase a stair lift it is a good idea to have as many sales representatives as possible to give you several product offers that you can choose from. You should always remember not to be enchanted to the cheapest options; they are usually not the best ones.

Remember also that this machine more important than even a vehicle as this has to be dependable and the user has to learn how to trust and be confident in using the stair lift. - Take note of the type of your stairway - Is the company that you are buying from is a reputable one? - Price is also important. - Look for a company that gives special services - Try to compare a manufacturer and a local supplier to know their difference - Know what you are really buying - read product brochures - Compare different products - Look for a company that offers stair lift maintenance - Review the dimensions of your staircase to know if there is sufficient room for the stair lift - Assessment by the stair lift user is also needed - Think twice if you are planning to install the stair lift yourself - You may consult first to your Occupational Therapist and get his opinion on which stair lift model best suits your requirements - Be cautious. The salesman might push you just to have his product sold - Trying out stair lifts can be of help before purchasing your own stair lift. Better yet, try a stair lift at demonstration centers. - Know your budget.

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