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Stuck Wallpapering Your House Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

We usually invest a lot of money in buying an abode for ourselves and maybe even more to make it look beautiful and elegant. One of the best ways to make the interiors look exotic and serene is by wallpapering the walls of the rooms whether a living room or the bedroom or both, the choice entirely lies with the homeowner. One can choose from a wide range of wallpaper that is available in the market or they also can be ordered online. Once you have decided to have a wallpaper covering and to have the perfect finish, you must pre-plan the layout, which in turn will help you avoid making silly mistakes and save you oodles of time too. Generally one must start from the centre of the wall or from that particular area which is highly visible working your way towards the corners which are not visible. Then measure the width of the paper around the whole area and make sure their ends meet at the less noticeable corner.

One must keep in mind while wallpapering a room that the wallpaper expands by about 1/4" to 1/2" while it is damp or being pasted on, so it is always better to do a test run before you start. It is best to avoid small strips of wallpaper around the corners, window sills, doors and around the furniture. If you are only restricting your wallpapering to only one wall, then it is recommended to start from the centre and work your way through to the corners.

Using big sheets (around 8"sheets) is more convenient than small strips. During the pre-planning stage it is better to make sure that there is enough wallpaper to cover the sills with proper paper not strips. It is always recommended that the walls are primed with primer especially used for wallpaper, which helps in the adhesion and removal later.

Priming is also advised for freshly painted walls where if the primer is not used, the paint may chip off and that goes for the oil bound paint used in the kitchens and bathrooms too. To avoid any chipping or flaking off of paint, it is a good idea to use wallpaper primer. If the wallpaper is being applied to old papered walls or paneling, priming becomes imperative so that the primer can seal the paper to a hard impenetrable surface. If the old wallpaper has bubbled, then it is best to remove it and then apply the new wallpaper. To avoid old paper joints from becoming visible through the new paper, it is better to wait for the primer to dry then lightly apply the joint compound to the seams and when dry, sand the ridges and cover the surface with wallpaper primer. Wallpaper can be hung over a paneling with the help of liners or wall felt and they are available at most paint or wallpaper stores.

These liners are stuck with a strong vinyl adhesive or a clay-based adhesive. They take about 24 to 48 hrs to dry before you can hang the wallpaper on it. Before the application of the liner to the surface of the paneling, it is better to check for any loose ends which need to be secured before the primer is applied.

These liners can be hung horizontally or vertically, but just make sure the joints are concealed and covered with sheet rock mud and there you are -you have a professionally wallpapered house.

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