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The Best Knitting Tips You Will Ever Need

As I write this article, I am just days away from finishing a beautiful new baby blanket for my brand-new niece. It is being knitted in 7 strips which will all be sewn together and then finished off with a delicate lacy border. I'm looking forward to what it looks like when finally completed. When I think about it, this blanket is just a variation on a theme. A knitting theme. One of the main themes running through my life.

There are other baby blankets, sweaters, afghans, booties, Christmas gifts, loads of scarves, and all manner of pretty, useful items which have literally floated right off of my knitting needles down through the years. I knit because I love to knit. And also, because I love giving things away. Pretty things.

When you knit, you can't help but have pretty knitables when you're through. I'm not looking for what I can get in return. What is important to me is what I get out of my giving; that, in itself, is a catalyst for more. Always, more. Today, with all the fantastic yarns available, all the innovative accessories, and the plethora of knitting books and magazines to read, knitting as a hobby has never been more fulfilling. So, if you wish to be the best knitter you know, I have 3 sure-fire tips to make sure you get there! First, if you wish to knit well, hang around with others who knit, too.

Besides getting lots of good tips from other knitters, whether they be much more experienced than yourself, or brand-new to the hobby, it's just so much fun to share a passion with like-minded people. Inspiration is something to be caught whether or not you are in a crowd or alone; yet when it finds you with others, oftentimes it's so much sweeter. Secondly, develop good knitting habits. Learn the correct way to knit and conquer those stitches which are most challenging to you, and read all you can about improving what you already know.

Because habits create your future. Good habits will only make for a deeper passion; one that improves over time. Thirdly, create a knitting environment.

If you were a woodworker you wouldn't be crafting your projects on the kitchen counter, now, would you? Or if you were learning how to paint portraits or repair clocks, this isn't something you would bring into your living room. No, you would have a specific place to go, where all your tools and supplies would be; there would be a woodshop or studio or spare room put aside, specifically for your hobby. Knitting doesn't take a lot of space. Create a nook for yourself in a corner of your favorite room which is yours completely; a place you can call your "knitting home".

You can invite others in or take yourself out into your community or church, to enlighten others all about your love of knitting. The best part about these three knitting tips is that you can apply them to just about anything else you do in life. Whatever it is you want to learn, hang around with those in the know, and you will soon be picking up their traits and habits, too.

Keep those habits in line with your passion and they will, most definitely, play a big part in determining you future. Recognize a specific place for your passion, something which you create because of its importance to you. And, there you have it! Three of knitting's best tips, for when you sit down to knit, or when you stand up to do all the rest in your life!.

Alice Seidel works as a freelance writer. She is the author of dozens of articles, a full-length book on knitting, and is the Author and Publisher of "Knit Stitch & Whimsy", a monthly knitting newsletter. For details, visit ==> http://www.theknitstitch.com

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