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The Bedroom Every Single Woman Needs

Every woman wants to have the perfect bedroom, and as a single lady, you don't have to worry about stripping your husband's masculinity with your design. That means that it's time to take control of that bedroom and bring it into spec for what makes you happy and cozy. Maybe you haven't thought about the best way to do that, or perhaps you haven't considered all the options. One way to make the bedroom your own is to create custom headboards to adorn your bed according to your mood.

Another is to leave behind the traditional idea of a bed and create and entire haven and private getaway in your bedroom with daybeds. If you choose to work with headboards, you need to explore your personal style. Are you the type of person who likes to be surrounded by all of her favorite things? Do you want to have anything you desire within easy reach from the center of your bed? One way to accomplish this is with bookcase headboards. This design serves dual purposes. First, it organizes the space and makes it look clean and well cared for.

However, it also makes your bed the lazy space you want it to be; you can easily stow all your books, magazines, and other items in the shelves and drawers, as well as set up any drinks or snacks you bring with you to the room. If you prefer, though, you can keep a clean, straight line with minimalistic overtones as the theme to your bedroom with a contemporary headboard. This will give you a blank slate against which you can create any theme design throughout the rest of the bedroom.

It also allows you to have a basic central point in the room around which you can change the design, providing a plain background against which the décor can revolve and evolve. If you choose to try something more unique, you can opt for a daybed in your space, taking the opportunity as a single woman to indulge in a very feminine design. With a wrought iron daybed, you can keep things rustic or classical with an intricate design and the opportunity to add ruffles and lace all over the room. The real joy of a daybed for your bed is that it doubles as a couch that can be perfect during the day when you want to sit up and do some work in a relaxed fashion, watch television, or read a book. For some, the classic style is no the way to go.

Instead, you may again (as mentioned above) be a fan of clean lines and sharp right angles. A contemporary daybed can give you this appearance and comfort level. This design can also be the basis for a Feng Shui design theme that brings out your inner peace and allows you to meditate in the personal space you have created for yourself.

Whatever choices you make, every single woman should take advantage of the opportunity to build her own personal woman's lounge in her bedroom before she has to learn to do the unspeakable and share the space, sparing the feelings of her mate!.

Ben Weissman writes articles about using Metal Beds, Headboards and other Contemporary Bedroom Furniture to Decorate Your Home. You'll find more Interior Design Ideas at http://www.Home-and-Bedroom.com . Make your bedroom into a personal retreat!

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