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The Practically Invisible Dayton ShopVac

Dayton manufactures the Shop-Vac Pro Series wet/dry vacuum 925-35; one customer's lukewarm review is across the web. This one consumer complains that the impeller blades or vacuum blades on this model were manufactured from inexpensive aluminum to keep costs low. As a consequence, they flex so much that they make noise and break. There are a total of eight models in the Ultra Pro series of wet/dry vacuums, from the 12 gallon, 5 horsepower 9621200, through the 14 gallon, 5.5 horsepower 9621400 and 9621500, to the 16 gallon 6.

25 horsepower 9621600 and the 18 gallon, 6.5 horsepower 9621800. The top of the line is the 18 gallon cart style, 6.5 horsepower 9621900; the 20 gallon, 6.5 horsepower 9622000; and the 10 gallon stainless steel, 6.

5 horsepower 9621100. In addition to the 929-35 model, Shop-Vac manufactures the Quiet Ultra Pro SR Vac. With a 12-ampere rating and 20 gallon tank size, this model number 962-20-00 vacuum cleaner features an 18 foot cord, super quiet operation, a 2.

5" diameter hose, a tank drain, a lock-on hose, a blower feature, onboard accessory storage, and a ten year warranty. The accessories included with this vacuum cleaner include, in addition to the hose, two 2 1/2" extension wands, a 14" floor nozzle with brush, a squeegee, an 8" utility nozzle, a crevice tool, a concentrator nozzle, an elbow grip, a hose holder, and an accessory basket. According to the manufactures, the Shop-Vac Ultra Pro series was designed to perform on the job or in your garage. It's distributed through such retail establishments as Ace Hardware Stores, Do It Best Stores, and True Value stores.

In addition, Shop-Vac-manufactured wet/dry vacuums are available online at discount prices.

For more vacuum cleaner comparisons, please visit:

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