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The Things You Should Remember Before Buying a Commercial Tanning Bed

Did you know that personal care industry has emerged as one of the biggest industries in the 21st century USA? Apart from the services like haircuts and facial, tanning salons are booming in this personal service sector. Are you young and enterprising? Then why not try your luck in this sector that is expanding like crazy? Starting a new business is always challenging with its unique requirements. You have to invest in a set of furnishing and equipments associated with tanning service. But the foremost of all is the commercial tanning bed which is the most essential part of the tanning salon. You need to have fundamental understanding regarding the operation and uses of tanning beds and the extent and effects of ultraviolet radiation coming from it.

If you hop the market in search of tanning beds you will stumble upon mainly two types of Commercial tanning beds: Horizontal tanning beds and Vertical tanning beds. The horizontal, capsule like tanning beds allow you to simply lie down on the glass or plastic "bench" meant to give you maximum relaxation. Now close the lid and let the UV rays shower your skin. Only turn aside from time to time to get an even tan.

The vertical styles are also referred to as tanning booths or stand-ups. These types of tanning beds are lined with ultraviolet light bulbs in a 360 degree pattern in the interior. You have to step inside and close the door and UV rays will envelop you from all sides.

So you do not have to turn your body halfway through the session. This is the reason a tanning booth works much faster-almost twice-than a horizontal tanning bed. In the High-pressure tanning beds, your body will get more exposure from tanning rays of UVA than the burning rays of UVB.

These tanning beds come with quartz lamps, which have higher internal air pressure than conventional ultraviolet lamps. Thus they are better capable of filtering out more unwanted UVB rays. High-pressure tanning beds are sleek in appearance and they come with an "open cage" construction with no doors. They produce better result with intermediate and dark skin tones. In most brands of commercial tanning beds you will find high-pressure lamps at least in the face area.

While buying the tanning bed for your salon, just check the UVB percentage on the UV lamps. Suppose, a lamp is marked 5% that means the bulb emits five percent UVB rays and ninety-five percent UVA rays. This percentage is the most widely accepted standard which ensures; you get a tan from these bulbs that will be brown and not burned.

Remember the FDA rules; always buy commercial tanning beds that are attached with an auto-timer that automatically turns off the lamps after the required time.

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