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Tv Antenna Buying Guide

While most men are instinctively able to determine that TV antenna works best for them, some individuals especially women find themselves lacking such talents. All they know is that the choice of TV antenna will always affect the quality of reception. 1. Brand Quality And Length There are only two things that affect the results of a TV antenna: its brand quality and length. No matter what other people say, no matter how its being marketed, no small antenna can produce big antenna results.

Provided that theyre made of the exact same quality, a small antenna will always produce inferior reception compared to that of a bigger one. So dont take up any offers that are selling you attractively priced TV antennas and promising incredible results. Those are not true! 2. Product Identification We only have one other tip to offer for people planning to buy a new TV antenna, and thats to learn how to distinguish one product from another. Know that TV antenna is best used for that situations.

Since there are numerous types of TV antenna that are sold in the market, several examples have been listed here, along with brief descriptions for each, to help you choose the TV antenna solution for your needs: TV Antenna with a Folded Dipole TV antennas of this type makes use of dipoles with an extra wire, increasing impedance and consequently, improving image reception. Twin Lead Antennas They are a type of folded dipole and quite small in size. They are also priced affordably. Instead of buying them, however, you should consider creating one of your own. Rabbit Ears TV antennas classified as rabbit ears still make use of dipoles; they are also small in size but definitely more expensive than twin lead antennas because theyre portable.

In short, you can move around your house even go outdoors in hopes of finding the spot with the best image reception. This will come in handy when youre watching the World Cup without the benefit of cable TV! Dish Clip on Antenna This type of TV antenna has been greatly advertised in recent times. If you look closely, it will appear as a twisted, folded dipole. In spite of aggressive marketing, however, many TV antennas of this type do not perform as well as expected. Firstly, they are immovable, unlike rabbit ears; secondly, they are mounted outdoors so theyre better than indoor antenna in good weather.

Obviously, dish clips on TV antenna are ideal for homes situated in mild-weather states. TVFM VHF Only Home Antenna This type of TV antenna is used in many households across the nation because theyre affordable and easy to use. They will work however, as indicated, only for receiving bandwidth from VHF (very high frequency) channels, and not for UHF (ultra high frequency) channels. Also as suggested, they can work and gain access to FM radio stations. This is not something you should be entirely happy about; using this antenna may cause FM stations to greatly interfere with the TV reception, and you may end up being unable to enjoy shows from either appliance! UHF Only Home Antenna If theres an antenna that only gains access to VHF channels, then naturally thered be an antenna that only gains access to UHF channels.

If you find all the shows in VHF channels boring, then yes, its better for you to purchase an UHF only home antenna. For these antennas, the best and cheapest design would be panel-styled TV antennas, and next to them would be those using corner reflectors. Atypical Low Channel UHF This type of TV antenna is not easy to install and use. Firstly, it might require you to drill holes just so you can properly mount the TV antenna. Buy this type of TV antenna only if you absolutely must! All Band Home Antenna Although more expensive than other products, these TV antennas are at least easy to install and use. They are also capable of gaining access to all TV channels.

3. Last Tips on TV Antenna Buying Dont buy secondhand TV antennas; they are easily damaged and theres no telling if it is internally flawed. Buy a portable TV antenna if youre living in a trailer or in a state that commonly experiences bad TV reception due to weather conditions or distance. Lastly, if you dont understand something, dont hesitate to ask! Not asking might mean watching your favorite shows in black and white for the rest of your life!.

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