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What About Fireplace Inserts

Having a fireplace in your home has many advantages. It offers a cost efficient way of heating your home, and it is also an aesthetical unit that will definitely increase the overall value of your home. Fireplace inserts are used to transform an existing non-efficient fireplace into an efficient, heat producing heater.

A gas fireplace insert is a better option compared to wood-burning fireplace, because they are cleaner, safer, and easier and good looking. Gas fireplaces, are inserted inside an existing fireplace, and this is how it is converted into a gas fireplace insert. Gas fireplace inserts come with a thermostat or a remote control. The price for a unit ranges from a couple of hundred dollars, to several thousands dollars. They are available in a wide variety of styles, including traditional masonry and more contemporary looks.

They fit easily into your existing heat-loosing unit to turn it into an efficient heat source. There are vent-free fireplace inserts that do not require a chimney. Fireplaces with inserts are much easier to clean than the open fireplaces, because the floors of the inserts are flat so people can easily clean up any ashes or dust. The gas inserts are inserted inside an already existing fireplace, to convert it into a gas-burning fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts are more energy efficient than wood burning fireplace inserts, because the heat loss is less.

The gas fireplace inserts produce cleaner flames, leading to air pollution. Another advantage related to the use of gas fireplace inserts is that you. Nowadays, gas fireplace inserts look just like the traditional fireplace inserts, the gas tube is mounted on the other side of the wall, so no one can see it and you can easily take it and reload it. There are wood stove fireplace inserts that will also increase the heating efficiency of the fireplace, because they spread more heat to a wider area and keep heat from escaping through the masonry of the fireplace. Such wood stove inserts are cleaner and easier to manage than open fireplaces. Most of the wood stove inserts have electric fans that blow the warm air into the surrounding room, to raise the efficiency even further.

Most of the fireplace inserts are equipped with a real wood mantle, with a surrounding frame where tiles can be placed. The gas fireplaces are available in two options-as inserts, or as free-standing units. Wood burning inserts are the classic choice. They provide unique design, that allows flush mount or hearth mount installation in either masonry or factory built fireplaces.

The wood burning fireplace inserts transform small amounts of wood into large amounts of cozy heat. Before installing it, several conditions must be checked and you must have basic knowledge regarding heating units. Therefore, before buying one, consult yourself with a specialty retailer, that can supply you with the required info on how to operate them and how to maintain it.

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