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Whats The Best Airer For Indoor Use

Washing lines, laundry lines and clothes airers are available today in all shapes and sizes, however there are new products such as Handy Lines, Ceiling Airers and state of the art drying racks, which are designed specifically for indoor use. Some of the features found on these new products are really cutting edge technology, and not found on most of the other common washing airer and clothes airer products. As energy pricing increases around the world for both electricity and gas, alot of people are looking to eco friendly products to save them money, and also have a benefit of helping out the planet. A popular element with an airer is it allows you to reduce your need for the electric dryer, which saves both money and your clothes.

As homes reduce in size around the world as land rises in value, the use of an airer takes over where you would have had a conventional washing line. Indoor airers can be used in all living environments from normal large homes right down to small uints and flats. Utilising the latest modern materials and technologies, lightweight, very strong folding washing airers that can also double as an airer or drying rack if required, are now appearing in large stores and on the internet.

Indoor airers are available today with some models have a huge 16m of washing line space. One aspect that is a bonus for todays airers is that they are able to take Queen and King sized sheets. Aluminium is a product that is starting to be used more and more in the construction of indoor airers, as it is very light and never rusts of corrodes! The elderly and frail have no problems using todays modern products as they are lightweight and easily moved around the home, even when full of washing.

Airers can be used in a varirty of situations for drying washing and are available in most western countries around the world.

Kelly writes for Mrs Peggs Handy Line and Eco Washing Lines

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